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Truelap 300mm Manual Lapping Plate


The hand Lapping plate enable refurbishment to be carried out on site, reducing

expensive downtime. Leaking pumps, valves and seals cause many problems, leading

to wastage, poor performance, unnecessary costs, even health hazards. Components

manufactured from ceramics, tungsten carbide, stellite, brass, steel, silicon carbide,

carbon, ni-resist etc, can be lapped and/or polished by hand in minutes rather than

hours.  Which is also ideal for low volume production, where it is not economical to

purchase a lapping or polishing machine.

Hand Lapping Plates are ideal for research & development work and low volume

production where extreme flatness is required. These plates are made of steel or

copper to insure maximum cutting action, minimum plate wear, and consistent

surface finish.


1.Light weight

2.Excellent finish

3. Compact Design


Standard dimension of hand-lapping plate: 12” (300mm) in diameter.

The other diameters are also available as per customers’ requirement.

Plate Material Option:



Dimension & Weight of Package:

Wooden Box Package : L355 x W355 x H53mm;

Copper Plate : OD300 x H38 mm ; Net weight : 22 Kg; Gross weight: 24.50 Kg;

Steel plate: OD300 x H38 mm ; Net weight :21 Kg; Gross weight: 23.50 Kg.


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