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Plate Flatness Gauge


With Micron Dial Gauge – Surface Area Scanning

1. The Plate flatness gauge for those parts that are normally beyond the Monochromatic Cheklite range > 2 microns.

2.The entire area lapped of the part is physically scanned for surface deviations.

3.These are mostly dedicated models to suit the range of diameter or size of the parts to be checked on the entire surface.

4. The accuracy range starts from 1 micron

5.The lapped face of the component part is pressed against the Flat Surface that has a Micron Dial Gauge and moved over the dial plunger. The out of flatness greater than 2 microns is indicated as a deflection on the Micron dial gauge.

6.For all sizes the Flat surface that holds the micron dial gauge is made of hardened alloy steel and is    precision lapped to almost 1 micron flatness across the surface.


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