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Lapping Machine 15 inches


MODEL  15” Lapping Machine

The 15” Lapping Machine is ideally suited for lapping low and high production quantities and

also available bench mounted.

The 15” Lapping Machine is installed at home or in a workshop or in a laboratory, where it can

be used to process a wide range of materials on an experimental basis. Then these results

can be applied to a production sit.

The 15” Lapping Machine is a unit with a rigid, steel base. The machine is of the ring lapper

configuration, enabling high standards of flatness and surface finish to be routinely achieved.

Lap plate flatness control is provided by three conditioning rings, which is located in

yoke / roller bearing assemblies. Work pieces are located within carriers or appropriate fixtures

which run within the rings.


•Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Base.

•Wrap-Around Work Table Facilitates Parts Handling.

•Three Conditioning Rings with Roller Yoke and Bearing Assemblies to Facilitate In-Process

Plate Flatness Control.

•High Torque Drive Unit with 0.5 Hp Motor and Gear Reducer.

•Automatic Digital Cycle Timer: Time Ranges From 0.1 To 999 Seconds, Minutes or Hours.

•Electronic Variable Speed Drive, 0-50 rpm.

•Abrasive Feed System Designed for Water or Oil Based Lapping Slurry, Consisting of Pump,

Tank and Three Outlet System with Individual Variable Flow Control. This Permits Uniform

Lapping Rates at Each Work Station.


•High Density, Cast Iron Serrated Lap Plate 381mm O.D. X 90 mm I.D.

•Three High Density Cast Iron Serrated Conditioning Rings. 178 mm O.D X 140 mm I.D.

•Three High Density Cast Iron Pressure Plates with Lifting Eye bolts 138mm Dia.X32mm Thick.

•Three Felt Pressure Pads 138 mm Dia.X12mm Thick.

•Operation and Maintenance Manual.

•Allen Wrench.


•Custom Machines and Tooling.

•Various Lapping/Polishing Plates.

•Pneumatic Lifting System

•Power Voltage & Frequency can be customized.

Weight & Dimensions:

•   Lapping Machine

Gross Weight: 600kgs Approx

Dimension:L120 x W110 x 130 Cms  Approx

•  Auto Slurry Feeding System

Gross Weight: 110 kgs Approx

Dimension:L51 x W63 x 90 Cms  Approx


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