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Seal Water Control and Monitoring System TDS Series


The TDS Seal Water Control and Monitoring System is used to monitor and control the flow and pressure of seal water in seals

and systems. It will create the best operating environment for seals and maximize the effiency of the process. It’s designed for

various sealing systems (including packing and mechanical seal applications) like pumps, mixers and agitators.

The system includes the flow test equipment, pipes, and joints which can be installed around the pump. Low flow alarm sensors

can be used for automatic monitoring of the seal water flow and pressure control.

Working Theory

As shown in this illustration, filtered cooling lubricating seal water enters

the valve plate connection and goes into the measuring system. Within

the measuring system there is a transparent flow indicator and a

cylindrical floater with a white ring (flow memory pin). The white ring will

drift left when struck by seal water, and when the flow is stable the white

ring will stay static and point at a fixed scale value.

This stable seal water then flows out of the controller and enters the seal

and system, achieving the seal and system cooling and lubricating.

For a double seal application system seal water can flow back to the valve

plate and the pressure gauge with memory pin will tell the pressure value.

After discharge, the seal water can be recycled.

Application Field

The TDS Seal Water Control and Monitoring System is widely used in cooling and lubricating mechanical seals. Different sealing

systems have a different fixed flow value, with larger flows sometimes increasing water consumption. The seal water is supposed

to be filtered to keep it clean. In industrial applications, there are several ways to control water flow. Using a control valve is a

simple one, however using a seal water control and monitoring system can more efficiently produce the maximum desired results.

Saving Resource

The TDS Seal Water Control and Monitoring System is not only able to cool and lubricate seal faces, it also can monitor and

control the seal water flow and pressure. It’s proven that the system can reduce water consumption by up to 80%.

Structure  Estructura

1. Valve plate

Válvula Placa

2. Flow controlling knob

Botón de Flujo Controlado

3.Target flow regulating

Indice de Objetivo Flujo Regulado

4.Actual flow memory pin indicator

Indice de Práctico Flujo

5.Target flow mark (red)

Indice de Objetivo Flujo



7.Target pressure memory pin indicator

Indice de Objetivo Presión

8.Measuring instrument

Instrumento de Medición

9.Actual pressure memory pin indicator

Indice de Práctico de Presión

10.Cleaning knob

Botón de limpieza

11.Pressure regulating knob

Botón de Presión Regulado

12.Pressure gauge

Medidor de Presión

13.Pipe joint

Pipa Joint

14. Flow scale plate

Indice de Escala Fluido

15.Installation support hole

Agujeros de Soporte

16.Switch seat

Asiento de Soporte

17. Screw



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