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TDS Fluid Industries offers our customers a comprehensive set of services for the design, fabrication, and procurement of their mechanical seal and fluid system requirements.These seals are of many types (industrial pump mechanical seals,mixer and agitator seals,cartridge seals,metal bellows seals) for a large variety of industries (petroleum,chemical,refineries,paper making, pharmaceutical, food preparation,automotive,etc.).

We also supply impellers for various applications,from automotive cooling system pumps to petrochemical applications.Gaskets and

O-rings are available in standard and specialized materials(such as Kalrez®,Aflas®,and Teflon® (PTFE FEP/PFA) encapsulated elastomers).

TDS locates in TX.USA;Shanghai,China and Sydney,Australia.

Our headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.We have opened new branch facilities in Sydney,Australia and Shanghai,China to increase our ability to provide excellent service and quick delivery from an inventory tailored specifically to our individual customer’s needs.

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